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Latest Reported Numbers

I just received a call from an "unknown" number telling me to call, 206-212-1069 with an id # for a $7000 grant. They want you to call and pay to receive it! I don't think so. I'm not getting scammed!
Some clown named "Brooke" ....seems like a robocall.
Scam artists. Trying to sell some bogus vacations.
local citizen received a tax warrant scam phone call from this number.
Debt Collection
Got a voicemail with an automated voice warning of "consequences" if my attorney or I don't call back. Creepy as hell, I'm not calling back.
Got this in Austin Tx just now 2/17. Sounds fake. IRS communicates by mail. My only curiosity is how exactly the scam works, but I ain't callin back!
I didn't answer but got a voicemail with the same weird message. It doesn't seem credible. And why would the IRS or a lawyer employed by the IRS be calling me from Seattle when I live in Ohio?
I got a collect call from some Georgia prison....I hung up.
Got ominous call saying I must call back or something ominous will happen.
I was also called and threatened with an abnormal automated message. will file a report
called approx 5 pm on friday before holiday weekend...recorded message regarding irs lawsuit....this is not how business is done...don't believe them..they send out letters first....this is B.S. and a scam
this is the exact same call i received! and they said the exact same thing! how do they get my number???
I got called as well today. Creepy automated voice said I needed to call back right away otherwise they wish me good luck on the serious matter that will unfold
I just received an ominous phone call from this number, same message. Going to report as well.
Just got this call also. They wished me luck "as the situation unfolds." So ominous. I can see how some older people might get scared and call them back. I filed a report with the Treasury Dept - thats where I was directed - at or call 800.366.4484.
This number called me using an abnormal automated message. It said that i had to call back so i can talk to IRS agent (don't recall the name used) to discuss a class action lawsuit against me and that it was very time sensitive, at which point it said if i don't "i wish you luck with what i bring upon you".