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I have received several calls from this number I'm trying to find out who this number belongs to. The information I have received so far says that it's a 34 year old female whose first name starts with a T and last name starts with an e they live in Nashville Tennessee Antioch on Mountain View Road. That's all so far an AT&T cell phone.
I have this number calling my cell phone at least once a day. I wish that they would stop.
This number keeps calling me and does not leave a message.
This is a fraudulent buyer of merchandise. They are going to scam you! WARNING! "I will take it for the price, I need you to help me send it to my Niece in Michigan, US, I will pay you for the postage cost together with the amount, please do this for me because I am presently in Yukon for a business meeting, Let me know what will be the total amount with postage, I will be paying you with etransfer."
Who does this number belong to
Is a scam automatic call for a "trivia contest"
text received from this number at 3:11am stating inividual was a known friend who had a message for me at called the number and it was disconnecting. it now seems that this is someone who is attempting to spam people in order to install malware that can retreive personal information for reasons related to identity theft and/or fraud
Ther claiming thay own this home 5407 Admiral Doyle Rd,Pensacola, FL 32506 and renting it for $600 a month and theyll give you a refund if you dont like it? And this home is up for rent on zillions for $1060 a month.
Keeps calling and doesn't leave a message!! When I call back, I get a voice message. ARRRGH!!!
bull**** call
who has this number
They want personal information regarding SSN and healthcare insurance.
I don't even have a Chase account and they sent a text. Also reported it to the FTC. Reverse lookup says it is a RotoRooter in Brooklyn. Figures!!
Received a call said it was an opinion firm and wanted to know if I was registered to vote from my current address. Very weird question. Thankfully my voter registration cannot be changed at this point.
Do not give this number any personal information. This is not Chase or any other credit card company. It is a scam. Beware of any messages from: 347-416-5208
I got a message saying my Chase card has been suspended because of a security concern and that to re-activate it, I was asked to enter the card number. I decided to call Chase directly and the rep. told me that my card was fine and this was a phishing scam to get my personal information. DON'T GIVE INFORMATION to this number.
Scam number - don't answer.
I got the same text and called the number. A recording informed me that my card had been suspended because of a security concern and that to re-activate it, I was asked to enter the card number, then the expiration date, then the PIN. I did not provide the latter. I then checked this site and filed an online ftc complaint at this site: