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continually calls and leaves no message. Even when blocked.
They keep calling me
This phone number is in Toronto Ontario Canada - (not the United States as showing on this page)
NRA calling for donation.
NRA calling for donation.
I got a call from someone today Oct 2, 2017, from someone named Daniel. Very rude, very thick accent. Claiming to be from a collection agency. Claiming I owe money to ATT. He acted like he had the last 4 of my social which scared me, and the account # of my former account. When he entered this "info" there was a "black out" of any recording, I did hear that Att couldn't find a record of my account and then he came on saying it had been referred to him for collection.
This call is spam. Reportedly I've earned points for staying at some place and won a resort vacation.
Keep receiving calls from 816-588-3513 on landline, cell and work phones. When I answer, no one talks.
unscrupulous phone call from an unknown person.
Please stop calling us
Received a call today stating I was overpaid on my Allstate insurance. When I said I did not have that insurance, they hung up. Checking with my real insurance Company for a false claim.
Called pretending he was a customer for printing services.
soliciting campaign contributions
I received a call from a man who said he was from the Hampton circuit court and that my name was on paperwork where he's trying to serve a summons on her and did I know where she is be wise she was a failure to appear. I stated I did not know such a person, which I don't then be started being very rude and raising his voice and saying you must know her how does she have you as a reference. He kept getting louder so I said I don't like the way your yelling at me and your attitude, he responded I don't like your either and that I needed to just listed because I could be summoned to. I then hu g up on the complete jerk. I called and left a message with the Hampton circuit court to report him. When my husband got home I had him call the number the man answered and said his name was derick Davis his number is 757-394-3195. He said he didn't call but that is a complete lie. His voice sounds like he just crawled out of a cigarette dump, you could never mistake that voice. When my husband told him to not call anymore he started getting agitated with him. People like this should be delt with, with jail time the. Maybe they will stop. Please do something with this despicable person.
Has two ads for old motor homes in Vicksburg, MS. Ads have no photos. Suspect fraud.
yes he has been on Match says he is in military goes by Jerry Davidson said is friends phone
He is still on match as of August 2017 going as Jerry Shepered I think. Says he lives in Rainbow Ca.