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this caller by the name of andrew said he was from google and wanted to put my business on the map for 240.00 I told him i was at work and to call back tomorrow he called back today 7/13/17 and I told him I wasnt interested and he offered me a 40.00 discount. I said I wasnt interested and we hung up. Called back a few hours later being rude asking why I hung up on him and that I claimed to be serious about his offer the day before. I hung up again. The caller then called back and I declined. Then I recieve a restricted number calling, I let it go to voicemail, on the voicemail the same man was being very rude saying nasty things about me.
Has Jerry Davidson told anyone that he's located in the United States or in another country? Has he shared his profession and has he sent anyone red roses?
hung up without leaving message. Strange pattern of rings. Never heard that before.
Always calling always unwanted and unsolicted
Constant calls. Unwanted and unsolicited.
Same here Anonymous (Sunday October 16, 2016 18:03) I check my message and they don't leave a message; the phone is from Allentown PA by the way.
This number showed up as St. Andrews Hospital on my caller ID, but was a telemarketter trying to sell me time share
Called and threatened as stated from the person above! It's a scam! iRS does not make phone calls like that!!! They would send anything by mail. Do not trust these people!
Called and threatened legal action said they were from IRS and my assets and accounts were in jeopardy and I should call immediately.
says that i stole his phone while he was sleeping not sure what he was trying to gain
They call over and over and over again but never ever leave message. I decided to call back and it was a man by the name of Andy from bank card services and he was asking me for the last 4 of my social security number. I ask why would I want to give you this information if you can\'t tell me who you are with or why you have been calling my number repeatedly? He says I don\'t know why we keep calling but if you give me your last 4 of your social I can gladly tell you why. I hung up on him and blocked the number.
Scam artist threatened to bill my credit card 89.99 a month for something I do NOT want!
Silent Call/
i just received a call from this number, as soon as i picked, the entity hung up.
who is this?
He is also on eHarmony under Jerry Walker 6/5/17
I get repeated spam calls from this number.
Called my phone and hung up
Dope **** with Walnut nose
I get several calls per month from this number and do not recognize it. It is from my home town but they never leave message. Since they refuse to identify themselves, I am concerned it is someone I had a falling out with a few years ago or a telemarketer which I don't want either.